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Toledo Heating

Twin Cities Air

Appliance Helpers

Boston Furnace

Chicago Furnace Repair

Twin Cities Tutoring

Twin Cities Water Softener

Window Remodeler

Columbus Furnace

Furnace Repair Company

Milwaukee Furnace

Minneapolis Furnace

New York Furnace Repair

Twin Cities Auto Repair

Twin Cities Roof

Twin Cities Rug

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Did You Know

Insulation is a crucial component of your overall home heating and cooling strategy, yet many people do not understand it or pay too much attention to their insulation details.

Basically, insulation is meant to prevent heat flow either within or outside of a house, hence the term "insulated." When heated, the air outside tends to rise while the air inside tends to remain close to the surface. Because of this, when the air temperatures climb, the warm air rises and the cool air descend. In such a scenario, you get the familiar temperature variation across the house. Thus, in order to reduce this variation, your house should be well insulated in order to maintain the right heat flow. You can read up on the various kinds of insulating materials here.

Closed-Cell Foam Insulation is a highly efficient and popular form of insulation material and is used widely for residential construction. This kind of insulation consists of a series of tiny cells all attached to one another. One of the main advantages of this kind of insulation is that it allows for superior air flow. Since the cells are closely-fitted and closely-attached to each other, this form of insulation ensures that there are no gaps anywhere, consequently improving air flow. On the other hand, this kind of insulation also allows for high R-values, which means greater resistance to thermal expansion. In essence, closed cell foam insulation guarantees high R-value and less energy consumption.

R-values can be a bit misleading. The R-value simply indicates the insulation's ability to reduce or increase the internal temperature of a space. In effect, it is a measure of how efficient the insulation materials are at trapping heat, thus enabling you to lower down your home heating costs. High R-values are more expensive than lower ones. Hence, it is important to get home insulation products with lower R-values, preferably in the range of five to ten.

Moreover, air sealing has become an increasingly important home topic. A recent study showed that air sealing reduced energy consumption by up to 25%. And, in areas where it is applied correctly, it increases the efficiency by as much as 33%. However, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of the product, you should always hire a professional home improvement contractor to install it. As such, it can be said that air sealing is also an important component of the whole energy savings mix.

On a final note, before deciding upon the insulating materials to use, it is essential to do the proper research. For instance, rather than opting for insulating foam, you should opt for pre-cut or stacked board products. Or you can also opt for insulating loose fill or rolls of cellulose insulation. Your contractor will be able to show you the differences and help you choose.

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